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Modulis 100 mg online is used for the treatment of chronic cases of atopic dermatitis in dogs. The active substance in Modulis is 100 mg cyclosporin per ml.

The average recommended dose cyclosporine is 5 mg/kg body weight (0,5 ml oral solution per 10 kg body weight).

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Modulis 100 mg/ml should be administered directly into the mouth, on the back of the tongue of the dog, using a measuring syringe provided in the package.

Dosage for Modulis 100 mg/ml:

The recommended average dose is 5 mg ciclosporin per kg body weight or 0.5 ml per 10 kg body weight.

The drug will be administered once daily until satisfactory clinical improvement is achieved. This is usually observed after 4 weeks of treatment. If no effect is obtained in the first 8 weeks, treatment should be discontinued.

Route of application is muscle instructs. (In the flesh).

Doses may be repeated every 7 days or at the discretion of the veterinarian.

Do not associate any other drugs in the same syringe.

Horses: 1 mL / 50 kg (25 mg / 50 kg)
Large and medium dogs: 1 to 2 mL total (50 mg)
Small dogs and cats: 0.5 to 1 mL total (25 mg

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