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Fuel 100ml is an equine energy supplement function and recovery during training and strenuous exercise. Fuel 100ml It is a blend of essential co-factors to ensure that muscle metabolism is optimised, and that energy supply to muscles is adequate, to reduce the risk of lactic acidosis, muscle fatigue and Tying Up.

– Reduce Lactiendurance and performance.
– Improves available energy supply to muscles.
– Assists muscle repair and recovery after exercise.
– Reduces the risk of tying up or cramping.
– Optimises energy supply to hard working muscles.
– It is useful to prevent fatigue and stress when traveling horses long distances.
– Provides optimum performance Increase endurance and strength 200% stronger than any competitor, 20mg/ml ATP Pharmacy grade. Fuel 100ml


is utilized in the Kreb’s Cycle – which physiologically is one of the key providers of energy to muscle and other cells, especially during strenuous endurance work.

In the process of phosphorilization, a phosphate molecule is given up thereby providing energy in completion of the Kreb’s Cycle.


ATP is the essential chemical for muscle contraction, releasing energy when it is broken down to ADP. The aspartates improve endurance by decreasing blood lactate and ammonia, thus delaying fatigue.

Aerobic metabolism (high oxygen/slow twitch) is a slower producer of ATP and is associated with endurance and longer riding time.

The significance of each of these systems to energy production is important, that both systems operate simultaneously but the level of exercise determining the relative contribution of each to overall ATP production.

One system doesn’t just switch off and the other takes over.

During sustained effort a point is reached when oxygen demand outstrips supply and anaerobic metabolism has to contribute more to overall energy production.


Administer 10ml in one area then another 10ml in a different, a total of 20ml maximum by intramuscular (I.M.) injection only, 4-6 hours prior to an event to delay fatigue.


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