Circulation Exercise Bandages

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Circulation Exercise Bandages fit comfortably around the horse’s leg and are created to help prevent injury, accelerate recovery time and improve performance. Secured with a reliable Velcro strip. Circulation Exercise Bandages

Used of Circulation Exercise Bandages

– Workouts;
– Injury recovery;
– nInstant icing when wet.


– Reduced swelling and inflammation;
– Reduced soreness and muscle fatigue;
– Increased blood circulation;
– Increased lymphatic drainage;
– Accelerated recovery time;
– Cooling legs.Circulation Exercise Bandages

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:Circulation Exercise Bandages

1. Wear Circulation Exercise Bandages while working your horse.

2. Immediately following working your horse, wet exercise bandages and leave on for approximately 45 minutes up to 1 hour. Circulation Exercise Bandages act as an ice pack for 45 minutes up to 1 hour to decrease swelling.

3. Remove the Circulation Exercise Bandages and place the Incrediwear Equine Circulation Standing Wraps and/or Incrediwear Circulation Hoof Socks on for up to 24hrs (dry). Can be worn overnight (dry)


Place in a pillow case or wash bag. Wash warm or cold up to 104F (40C). Tumble dry low. DO NOT bleach. DO NOT iron. DONT dry clean.

Estrombol 10ml is a synthetic anabolic of high anabolic effect that has the capacity of reconstruction and growth mainly in the bony, cartilaginous and muscular tissues. Still, it increases the appetite and allows the gain of muscular mass, thus, improving the general state of your animal


It is a synthetic anabolic that has the highest anabolic effect with minimal androgenic effect within those of its kind.

It is especially suitable for horses, dogs and cats. Circulation Exercise Bandages

promotes growth and reconstruction of cartilaginous bone tissues.

increases appetite by aiding in the gain of muscle mass.

protein synthesis and stimulates the formation of red blood cells.


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