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Buy Pre Race Activator 50ml s a newly developed potent lactic acid muscle enzyme inhibitor. This formula that has been developed has unique actions by being able to create stamina and energy levels as well as offsetting muscle fatigue and Buy Pre Race Activator 50ml

We have perfected this formula after a extensive trial period, we have had some outstanding results so far and now it is available for trainers of Horses and Camels around the world to use.


– Suppresses accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue

– Improve stamina and endurance

– Improve recovery after hard physical exercise

– Sustained energy levels for a longer period of time

– Enhanced energy supply

Ideal preparation before any race/event or any session of intense exercise.


– Storage store below 18 degrees keep out of direct sunlight.Duration of treatment: Traumeel S must not be used without medical advice for longer than 3 weeks.
Side effects: If salivation occurs after taking Traumeel S, stop taking the medicine. Due to the homeopathic active ingredients mercurius solubilis (mercury) allergic reactions can occur. In unique cases, taking Traumeel S can result in hypersensitive reactions; rashes, itchiness, rare facial swelling, shortness of breath, dizziness and low blood pressure have been observed for medicines with preparations containing Echinacea (coneflower). In isolated cases for people with hypersensitivity to plants in the compositae family (e.g. Arnica,) allergic reactions (including anaphylactic shock) are possible. It may also temporarily result in redness, swelling and pain at the puncture site. If side effects occur, stop taking the remedy and seek medical advice. Notice: the use of homeopathic medicines can worsen the existing discomfort (primary worsening). In this case, stop taking the remedy and seek medical advice. If any side effects are observed that are not listed in the packaging leaflet, inform your doctor or pharmacist.

Precautions for use: During pregnancy and breastfeeding: As with all medicines if you are pregnant, homeopathic remedies should only be used only after consultation with a doctor. For children: there is not adequate data for the usage of this medicine. It should therefore not be given to children under 12 years.
Drug interaction: None known. General advice: The effect of a homeopathic remedy may be changed by harmful lifestyle factors, stimulants, alcohol and tobacco. If you are taking other medicines please see your doctor.

Dosage and how to use: Unless prescribed otherwise: For acute discomfort, inject 1-2 ampoules intramuscularly or subcutaneously daily (intra-articular only) or intravenously. Usage exceeding a week should only take place after a consultation with an experienced homeopathic therapist. For chronic progressions, take 1-2 ampoules 1-3 times weekly either intramuscularly, subcutaneously, (intra-articular only) or intravenously injection. Reduce usage if discomfort improves.


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