Busol 5 x 10ml

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 Busol 5 x 10ml e contains μg of active buserelin per ml of injection (equivalent to 4 μg per ml buserelin). It is preferable to inject it intramuscularly. However the intravenous or subcutaneous route may also be used.

Fertility disorders of ovarian origin, in particular follicular cysts with or without symptoms of nymphomania: 5 ml. Treatment should be repeated in the absence of a corpus luteum after 10-14 days or if new cysts are observed. Busol 5 x 10ml

Early cycle induction post partum: 5 ml. Treat between the 10th and 14th day post partum

Improvement of conception rate in artificial insemination procedures, also after synchronisation of oestrus with a PGF2α analogue (results may however vary depending on breeding conditions): 2.5 ml. Treat 11-14 days after insemination.

Estrombol 10ml is a synthetic anabolic of high anabolic effect that has the capacity of reconstruction and growth mainly in the bony, cartilaginous and muscular tissues. Still, it increases the appetite and allows the gain of muscular mass, thus, improving the general state of your animal


It is a synthetic anabolic that has the highest anabolic effect with minimal androgenic effect within those of its kind.

It is especially suitable for horses, dogs and cats.

Estrombol 10ml promotes growth and reconstruction of cartilaginous bone tissues.



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